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Prices may vary from the prices stated due to the fluctuations in the price of human hair
We can not accept returns on Jewish wigs except in exceptional circumstances.
 Each WONDER WIG is crafted to your individual specifications.   
They can be made from 100% Remy Human Hair, or top-of-the-range synthetic hair. Our synthetic range is easy care and ready to wear out of the box.
You may choose the color, highlights, density, length, wave, capsize, and cap type.

Prices may vary for added features.

In order to get the correct color, we suggest you reach out to our color expert via the store's contact us form here

All our wig collections are suitable for cancer patients and alopecia sufferers as we can use a special soft net without clips.

They are worn with a hat or hairband and give a completely natural look.

Easy to wear and comfortable. These wigs are so versatile, that they can be styled for every occasion.

Gym, beach, work, evening out, wedding. (allow 15 - 30 days for delivery)

Wonder Wigs
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