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dare to wear your hair by Michel

Kushikamana 23" Length

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The luxurious 23" luscious version of Kushikamana 18" "Kushikamana" means "connected" in Swahili.

A cup of coffee that we enjoy is the result of hard work done by farmers in Kenya.

Counter Culture Coffee and the farmers from the Kushikamana group in Kenya wanted to be transparent by asking questions about farmers' prices in their supply chains.

How coffees are purchased, and the extent to which roasters work with their supply chain partners to address challenging issues can significantly impact farmer livelihoods (Cone, 2018).

We are all connected one way or another. BelleTress team was inspired to name our latest style, Kushikamana, to appreciate the supply chain transparency.

Kushikamana 18 is an exceptionally straight, most realistic flat-iron pressed look.

Temple-to-temple hand-tied lace front, open cap, wide and extended partial mono part delivers natural hairline and comfort.

As expected with all BelleTress Café Collection alternative hair, Kushikamana comes pre-styled and always ready to wear when you are!

Colour Shown:  Butterbeer Blonde

Special Features: Monofilament Parting with Lace Front

Fiber Type: Heat Friendly

Collection: Cafe Collection

Special Features: Creative Lace Front

Cap Size: Average


Side Bang: 8"-9"

Side: 9"-17"

Nape: 15.5"

Back: 23"

Overall: 8"-23

Weight: 7.0 oz

Customer Reviews

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Magic ! Thanks Michel !

My Christmas present has finally arrived a week late ... the package was lost but the Christmas miracle took place ...
My first Belle tress: Kushikamana 23 ...

The length is not extravagant, for me it falls just above the chest which will limit friction on the shoulders ...
The Cream soda blonde color is sumptuous with perfectly visible shades of blonde unlike RW ice sweet cream ... which is very white and more uniform ... and prematurely aged on wrinkled faces.
Here we have indeed platinum ... white blonde on top of the head and around the face and it degrades into a cleverly mixed sand blonde going down to the ends of the hair.

In fact it's very natural .. we have the impression of just coming out of the hairdresser to have redone our color ...

However I am going to add a slight root for more realism and dimension ...

It's a rootless shaded biscuit or according to BT connoisseurs a rootless butter beer blond ...
Another discovery is the quality of the fiber which is striking .. so soft and fluid .. angel hair ... it is a pure wonder incomparable with other brands that I know ... RW and JR ... I am delighted by BT!

I will observe it to see if it turns straw like Mesmerized from RW after a few hours of use .
... but this fiber quality seems to be less of a problem ...the best quality !

On the other hand, I was surprised by the parting on the left ... which is naturally unusual for me but it is an opportunity to innovate ...

There is indeed the lifting of wicks printed in the original in the styling of the hairstyle which avoids the hair in the eyes and is put in place by itself it is pleasant ...

Otherwise size question, this model size large ... despite my big head I had to tighten the elastic band at the back ...

I still have to sew a few small combs so that it can face all the activities and other storms ...

The mass of hair is fine and corresponds perfectly to a natural hair of fine and blond hair ...
Magic ...
In short, I am delighted with this acquisition.

And here we are again for a new question ... what brand and what color for the next ...

Another kushikamana in blond Rootbeerfloat ... but the deadlines are long ...

Or another long and straight from BT in full monopart ...

What an existential problem! Hahaha!

Merry Christmas to everyone from French Brittany ...
where the weather is very sweet ...and very grey...

A Christmas on the balcony for this year ...

Love you all! <3