Arctic Colours by Jon Renau


5 New beautiful colours here. For the daring and courageous woman who wants to make a statement.

Now you can be the woman you have always wanted to be WITHOUT DAMAGING YOUR BIOLOGICAL HAIR.

Here are the 5 new colours:

Polar summer light meets creamy, pastel indulgence in Jon Renau’s Arctic Collection.

These five novel colors melt dark roots into delicious, lustrous hues:

Frost, a pearly, barely blushing pink;

Flurry, a pewtery lilac;

Glacier, a bright, icy blue; Storm, a sharp silver; 

Sleet, a luminescent platinum;

Storm, a silvery windswept secret.

The Arctic Collection can reinvent your everyday look with the playfulness of confectionery colors and the flattering depth of ombre toning.

Far easier to find than a great hair colorist, these shades are widely available in our most popular synthetic SmartLace wig styles.