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Why am i loosing my hair?

There are 40 million women in the US suffering from hair loss and 10 million of them are under the age of 40. So it leaves us screaming WHY? 

More and more women including celebrities have started wearing wigs. Of course, wigs are great fun and they allow you to change your style according to your mood. A good wig does not ruin your natural hair. In fact, it can give your hair the rest it needs from the harsh sunshine, winter winds or cooking steam.

Our hair is such an important part of our identity and of our self-esteem.

So WHY is it falling out and WHAT can we do about it?

Hereditary hair loss with age (androgenetic alopecia) is one of the main causes of baldness and most commonly affects the scalp, but can affect the entire body.

Thyroid disease, anaemia, protein deficiency, secondary syphilis, chemotherapy and other medications, lupus, childbirth, hormonal changes, low vitamin levels (particularly iron) may cause hair loss. 

STRESS can also be a reason for people to find clumps of hair in their hairbrush or in the shower. Maybe that is where the joke comes from 'I am tearing my hair out'. BUT you and I know that it is no joking matter.

Poor hairstyling techniques with heat irons, over washing, perming and dying can damage the hair and lead to hair loss.

On average, women lose 100 hairs per day; some people lose more and other less. If a bit more hair is coming out for a few months after a stressful event for instance, a death in the family or major surgery, it's totally normal and usually corrects itself. More hair usually falls out in the winter due to a drier scalp.

As a rule, you should always notify a doctor if you believe something is wrong with your body or your health in general. If you notice bald patches the size of small coins, you should notify your doctor or dermatologist.

Tips to prevent hair loss:

SELF-LOVE. If you loved yourself you would nurture yourself with a well-balanced diet, and eliminate highly processed food, sugary food and junk food. Indulge yourself with berries, nuts, seeds, whole grains and good fats. Eat foods high in good fats like avocados to give your hair the oils it needs to shine. After a few weeks, you should be able to see an improvement. 

BE GENTLE ON YOURSELF. There are plenty of shampoos that claim to prevent or treat hair loss BUT be careful to use a gentle shampoo, as some of the hair loss shampoos on the market contain harsh chemicals which may work BUT may have other side effects (always read the small print).

MASSAGE your scalp (or get your partner to) with a spiky massage brush or with your hands. This will stimulate the hair follicles and also help you to relax. Remember stress can be a factor in hair loss.


Hair loss is upsetting and if you feel you need support you can reach out to these online support groups:

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