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The Law Of Attraction For Hair Growth - Does It Really Work?

When I first heard about the law of attraction for hair growth I was say the least. 

If you have experienced the painful reality of hair loss, then like me you may be on the continuous lookout for new remedies, vitamins and old folk tales. At one point in my hair loss journey, I felt so desperate that I would have stood on my head for 15 minutes a day If I thought the increased blood flow to my head would have given me back my hair. (LOL!)

Then one day I heard about the Law of Attraction and the Positive Thinking Movement.

I like to be open-minded about new theories. So, I read a few books, listened to Esther Hicks, meditated and repeated affirmations.

Here's what happened.

The first week was about reprogramming my mind with positive affirmations. I had to repeat these phrases before I got out of bed in the morning and throughout the day. It was especially important for me to repeat these before going to sleep because whatever we think of before going to sleep works on our mind the entire night.

  • “I have beautiful, long, thick hair
  • “My hair grows quickly!”
  • “My hair is healthy, shiny and strong”
  • "My body is capable of growing hair"

Here is the catch....I had to believe what I was chanting. Saying these affirmations through gritted teeth would not work.

Next was learning to meditate. I was to sit still for 15 minutes and quieten my mind. This was nice, actually quite addictive. I bought some guided hypnosis tracks and listened every day (almost). 

Something else I came across was Subliminals. Studies show that male (and female) pattern baldness (while mostly genetic) can be reversed with a special stimulus to the brain called subliminal messages which are repeated during a type of meditation. They are supposed to reactivate the blood flow to the scalp and stimulate the cells to regenerate and build new hair growth

I can report back that after just one week I was feeling calmer. Inner peace was not something I had ever experienced before.

Next, I tried Louise Hay's mirror work. I had to look in the mirror and say "I love you, I really, really love you!" (LOL)!! 

Esther Hicks says that in order to manifest by the law of attraction we have to be overflowing with happiness and joy. Sounds good but not always so easy to do. She teaches that we live in an electromagnetic world and like magnets, we will draw to ourselves more of the vibration that we are in. So, if you feel abundant and healthy more abundance and health will flow to you with ease. 

My desire was for my hair to grow back quickly. Being happy would get me into a high vibration. Being in a high vibration would allow my desires to manifest.

Results, results, results............ Four weeks later,

My hair loss has definitely slowed down and I can see a small amount of growth. I have had some fun with all of this and my mood has lifted. I am less self-conscious, less resentful and have less self-hatred. In the last four weeks, my life has changed for the better and I think I will continue with the path of positive thinking.

Results - one year later.....

I challenge you to try out the law of attraction and positive thinking for four weeks. What have you got to lose? Warning! You may feel happier.

Share your results below and together we can suss out if the law of attraction and positive thinking really work!!!


A few months after I wrote this blog a lovely young man from Columbia sent me a message asking me if these methods really work. I suggested that life experience would be his best proof. So he decided to give it a try.

Fast forward to the 26th May 2021 - This is the message he sent me:

Some time ago I stumbled upon this article unintentionally. I just want to say THANK YOU. It has helped me not only with hair growth but in other areas of my life also.

Here's what I do: I wrote 3 affirmations 11 times each. I say all these 33 affirmations in the morning and at night. Once I started to see real results I was motivated to continue. So, I recorded the affirmations on my cell phone, in my own voice and played them to myself in a loop all night.

Before bed I would visualise my hair, beard and moustache growing thick and long. 

These are some of the affirmations I used:

  • My scalp produces new follicles
  • My hairline gets filled with new hair
  • My scalp produces healthy hair  
  • My moustache meets my cheeks
  • My beard reaches my cheekbones
  • My beard goes down to my adams apple

In a matter of just two or three months my hair looks like it used to. The patchy areas have filled in and my beard is looking amazing.

By the way... I also used this method to get me my dream date.


I believe this worked for you because I know affirmations worked for me in other areas
I shall try to use these for hair growth
And found your story the inspiration to start today
Thank you 👍


Will it work for bald head? Mine has fallen off due to stress and because my dad’s hair fell off?

Hi Shamboo, the only limits you have to the success of this method is in your mind. If you believe your hair will grow back it will. Give it a try and let us know the results. Good luck.


I use subliminal that I find on YouTube.


This concept to grow hair is really cool! Well, I am definitely gonna try it

Hailey Maria

I looked it up, find one those sleep sound apps that you can change the frequency (hz) or is already in that frequency. Hair regrowth stimulation apparently is at 50hz. And listening to it while your sleeping is subliminal I guess, so take that for what it’s worth. Do your research. Let’s try this.


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