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How A Good Looking Wig Creates Healing During Cancer

I was once accompanying my friend Michelle to an appointment with her oncologist. I remember thinking how good she looked as we huddled together in the waiting room. Her Mom had bought her a Hatfall Wig and she was wearing it with a cute yellow beanie.

After a few cuppas and a rather long wait, we were finally called in to see the Dr.

He took one good look at my friend and said 'How comes you have not lost your hair?'

We all had a good giggle as we told him about her Hatfall Wig.

He said in all his years as an oncologist he has never seen such a natural-looking wig.

Michelle has been recovered for over a year now and slowly, slowly her hair has grown back. However, she still has days when she wears her hatfall. 

'It's great for bad hair days, especially if I am rushing in the mornings and don't have time to do my real hair. It keeps the hair off of my face and is super comfortable for running around doing errands'. 

Research shows that feeling positive about your appearance produces feel-good hormones that contribute to healing. This is especially true doing an illness which causes a person hair to fall out which can lead to social isolation and depression. 

This is the wig Michelle was wearing.


Click the link below for more details on this custom made hat/band fall wig.

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