California Blondes Explained

California Blondes Explained

The Californian Blondes Explained by Jon Renau

Venice Blonde (22F16S8)

Shaded root of color 8 with sandy blonde and beige blonde tones.


Palm Springs Blonde (FS17/101S18) - The coolest tone of the collection!

A lighter root of color 18 transitions into an iced platinum and pale blonde blend giving an overall lighter platinum color.

Malibu Blonde (12FS12)

Softer shaded root of color 12 follows through to the ends, giving a natural blonde highlighted look with golden blonde and platinum throughout.

Laguna Blonde (FS24/102S12) - Lightest blonde of the collection!

Softer shaded root of colour 12 that transitions into a blend of honey and platinum tones.


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