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The Law Of Attraction For Hair Growth - Does It Really Work?


A few months after I wrote this blog a lovely young man from Columbia sent me a message asking me if these methods really work. I suggested that life experience would be his best proof. So he decided to give it a try.

Fast forward to the 26th May 2021 - This is the message he sent me:

Some time ago I stumbled upon this article unintentionally. I just want to say THANK YOU. It has helped me not only with hair growth but in other areas of my life also.

Here's what I do: I wrote 3 affirmations 11 times each. I say all these 33 affirmations in the morning and at night. Once I started to see real results I was motivated to continue. So, I recorded the affirmations on my cell phone, in my own voice and played them to myself in a loop all night.

Before bed I would visualise my hair, beard and moustache growing thick and long. 

These are some of the affirmations I used:

  • My scalp produces new follicles
  • My hairline gets filled with new hair
  • My scalp produces healthy hair  
  • My moustache meets my cheeks
  • My beard reaches my cheekbones
  • My beard goes down to my adams apple

In a matter of just two or three months my hair looks like it used to. The patchy areas have filled in and my beard is looking amazing.

By the way... I also used this method to get me my dream date.


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